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Driving beach

Driver’s beach is one of the most famous and attractive wild beaches on the Southern Black Sea coast. It is 37 km from Burgas, access to it is easy. Spacious, long and uncrowded, it’s a great place for those seeking the quiet tranquility of the beach. It falls close to the Aleppo Marsh natural landmark and is also popularly known as the Aleppo Beach.


The Archaeological Museum in the city houses ancient archaeological exhibits – finds from the period of the 5th century BC. Hr. to the 17th century. Exhibits of Christian art between the 17th and 19th centuries can also be seen. The Ethnographic Museum is located in the old part of Sozopol. On the first floor, traditional local crafts are presented, and on the second – traditional fabrics and clothing, characteristic of the ethnographic groups inhabiting Sozopol and Coastal Strandzha in the 18th-19th centuries.

Art Gallery

The Art Gallery of Sozopol, also called the Picture Gallery, was established in 1991. It is located in the building of the old school “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”. The permanent exhibition of the Art Gallery includes 287 works.

Churches and monasteries

Monastery “St. Ivan the Forerunner and the Baptist” is one of the literary centers during the Ottoman slavery. The church “St. The Virgin” dates back to the 15th century, is a three-nave single-apse pseudo-basilica and has been declared a cultural monument under the protection of UNESCO.

The medieval churches in Sozopol were destroyed by the Ottoman Turks, and small chapels were erected in their place. Today there are two functioning churches in the city. The largest is “St. George”, which dates back to the 19th century, and “St. Zosim”, built in 1857.


The architectural and archaeological reserve of Starinen Sozopol has been declared a museum. The appearance of the reserve is shaped by about 180 houses from the middle of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century.

The Thracian fortresses are located in the area of Bakrlaka, which encircle the fields and low hills around Sozopol like a rainbow. They were built in the XIII-XII centuries BC.

There are Thracian burial mounds on the heights of Meden Rid. Ancient necropolises are located in ancient Apollonia Pontica, in the area of “Harmanite” and “Bujaka”.

Medieval Sozopol is surrounded by a fortress wall and towers, built during the time of Emperor Anastasius around 511. Significant fragments of these protective structures have been preserved.

Old Sozopol

In 1974, the Old Town of Sozopol was declared an architectural and archaeological reserve “Ancient Sozopol”. It covers over 180 Sozopol Renaissance houses, built between the middle of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century, some of which have been declared cultural monuments. Within the boundaries of the reserve there is also the medieval church at the monastery “St. Apostoli”, the Art Gallery, the Ethnographic Collection, the church “St. Bogoroditsa”, Christian medieval complex, the museum at the fortress wall, the church “St. George” with the relics of St. John the Baptist.

For Sozopol

Sozopol is located on a rocky peninsula in the southernmost part of the Burgas Bay. It is the oldest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The settlement arose at the end of the IV-III millennium BC. Later, on the site of present-day Sozopol, a Hellenic colony was founded under the name of Apollonia Pontica. In the 4th century, the city was known as Sozopolis and was under Byzantine rule.

Today, the city is a favorite holiday destination. It offers a variety of accommodation facilities, restaurants, discotheques, as well as excellent conditions for practicing water sports. In Sozopol you can also see many archaeological monuments.

Ropotamo Reserve

“Ropotamo” reserve was declared as such in 1940, and today it already has the status of a national park. Ropotamo impresses visitors with its intriguing history, as well as with the numerous legends deeply hidden in the surrounding forests.

The Ropotamo river was formed by the confluence of the Rosenska and Cerovska rivers, and its source is considered to be the source of the Cerovska river in the Strandjanski rid Bosna. The river is home to many endangered animal and plant species. About 226 species of birds can be observed on the territory of the reserve. Of these, 8 species are globally endangered, and 70 are included in the Red Book of Bulgaria. An interesting representative of the flora is the sea wormwood.

Saint Ivan Island

In 1993, the island of St. Ivan has been declared a protected area, with the aim of protecting the natural habitats of rare and endangered bird species, included in the Red Book of Bulgaria. Islands of St. Ivan and St. Peter are habitats of over 70 species of birds. The island can be visited by boat and boat from the port in Sozopol. Two piers have been built on the island, from which marked hiking trails lead to the archaeological monument – the monastery “St. John the Baptist Access is strictly prohibited by ministerial decree in the period April-July (until July 30), when the glarus are nesting.

The castle in Ravadinovo

A beautiful park with several thousand exotic trees, plants and flowers. Several deep water lakes with freshwater fish and waterfowl – white and black swans, pelicans and ducks. All this awaits you in Ravadinovo Castle. Escape games for families, Treasure hunters for kids, The Seven Deadly Sins for 18+. There are many options for entertainment. In the Castle there is also a terrarium with specimens of the most poisonous snakes in the world and an art gallery. The gallery houses a museum of porcelain and a museum of ancient geographical maps, and the newest hall of the Castle is called “The Builder’s Rooms”.


Ship "Poseidon"

The 30-meter “Poseidon” is the largest cruise ship on the Black Sea. The ship is straight out of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie and will offer sea adventure lovers entertainment on another level. The sailing vessel was created for walks and has impressive parameters, unseen in our maritime latitudes. “Poseidon” is 30 meters long, 10 meters wide, has two masts, two decks and a capacity of up to 180 passengers.


The five-star PADI center for professional training and amateur scuba diving in Bulgarian, English and Russian awaits you. Whether you want to try your first breath of air underwater or you are an experienced diver, the scuba diving center will offer you professionalism, reliable equipment, unforgettable dives, new friendships and adventures.

Aquapark, Ravadinovo

Neptune Aquapark is located 5 km away. from Sozopol, in the village of Ravadinovo. It offers its visitors a truly unique experience in a vast space with numerous water slides, restaurants, bars, relaxation areas and additional services.

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