Dear Guests, 

We are happy to inform You that we are ready to welcome You for Your summer holiday. 

The official opening date of Villa List Hotel is May 2022. 

Our priority is to provide for You, Your families and friends SAFETY and SECURITY in the conditions of COVID-19. 

Your health and good mood during Your unforgettable holiday are the main purpose of our work. As regards the prevention of the dissemination of COVID-19 and in view of protecting Your and Your relatives, we shall work in compliance of all requirements of the World Health Organization, the Ministry of Healthcare and the Ministry of Tourism. 

Our employees servicing You are trained to abide by the strictest hygienic requirements. During work, all they shall use personal protective means, accordingly. 

In order to be able to take care of Your safety, we are presenting to You the instructions, rules and recommendations for conduct in the hotel in the conditions of COVID-19. We ask You to read and follow them! 



We have organized a checkpoint at the central entrance of the hotel, where we have placed a disinfectant dispenser and an information board about the order in the hotel in the conditions of COVID-19. 

On the day of check-in, the guests shall be allowed to the reception not earlier than 15:00 or at the discretion of the hotel management. In view of not allowing gathering of people in the reception zone, please wait for your turn at a distance of 2 m from the other guests. 

Please, be patient, if you have to wait a while before being allowed to the reception desk. 

Your temperature shall be measured upon arrival. 

Persons, who are not guests of the hotel, shall not be allowed. 



For You convenience, at the reception two protected zones shall be detached for servicing the guests of the hotel. In order to service You without any risk for Your health, we ask You to keep physical distance of 1.50 m to the other guests. You have to prove Your booking for the hotel by a document at the reception. 

The check-in in the hotel shall be done after 15:00 and the check-out of the rooms – until 11:00. 

In view of protecting Your health, our hotel bellboy does not carry Your luggage to the room, but is only orientating You about its location in the complex. Only after explicitly expressed will on Your part, we could help You with the carriage of Your luggage to the hotel room. 



Your room is cleaned, aired and disinfected daily in Your absence only. Please, secure access to the room upon the visit of the room attendant and use to that end the available in the room indicator or tag. 

We have marked the places subject to most often disinfection with red dots and we recommend You to also disinfect by Your personal disinfectants, such as disinfectant tissues, gel or others before touching. Towels shall be changed daily and the linen every 3 days. In case of necessary change, You can contact the reception dialing extension 9. Towels for the pool you can obtain at the reception against BGN 20 deposit. In view of better hygiene, all advertising and information materials have been removed from Your room.  

For Your safety, we have provided in Your room a mask and a pair of gloves, which we ask You to wear on the territory of the complex during You communication with the staff and the other guests of the hotel. 

Please, do not use the toilets in the common parts during cleaning and disinfection, which shall be marked by an information tag.  

Under recommendations by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Healthcare, please avoid use of the hair-dryers in the hotel bathrooms, as well as the air-conditioning installation. 



At the entrances of the food and drink establishments we have placed hand disinfection dispensers, which we ask You to use. To visit the restaurant, lobby-bar and pool bar You are also required mandatorily to wear mask and gloves. For the purpose of securing physical distance, all counters are equipped with protective plastic shields for securing contactless technology of serving of the culinary production during breakfast, lunch and supper. Food shall be served on buffet or set menu at the discretion of the hotel management. 

A single direction is marked for the guests’ movement in the food and drink establishments. Please keep 2 m distance to the other guests. Unaccompanied children of age under 12 are not allowed to the counters of the restaurant and the bars in the hotel complex. 

All surfaces are cleaned and disinfected under a schedule. The coffee, water and drinks machines are disinfected and cleaned after every single service cycle. 



The outdoor pool of the hotel is open for guests from 09:00 till 18:00. We have provided thereto a fixed disinfectant dispenser for You to periodically use. The sunbeds and parasols are dislocated as per the requirements of minimum distance. It is not allowed to move them or to reserve sunbeds by putting personal belongings. The staff servicing the pool is abiding by the rules of safety and physical distance of 2 m between the guests. 

Please, take special care of Your children, who should also strictly abide by all rules in and around the pool. 

SPA Services (sauna and steam bath) wouldn`t be available under instructions of the ministry of Healthcare and the Regional Healthcare Inspectorate.  

The fitness of the hotel complex is open for guests from 10:00 till 18:00. The fitness can be used of maximum 2 persons. Please, wait for Your turn! After using the devices, please clean them with the provided detergents. We recommend cleaning also before You start Your workout. 



In the name of our common safety, protection of our health, Your comfort and that of our employees, we address You with the following recommendations: 

  • We ask You, every one of You, as a hotel guest, to comply with the personal hygiene rules. 
  • We ask You, on the territory of the hotel, to maintain physical distance of 2 m from the other guests and the staff. 
  • We ask You to read the hotel complex safety instructions placed on the information board at the hotel entrance and in the hotel room. 
  • After using disposable packings and consumables, the same should be disposed of at the locations designated for waste, immediately after their use. 
  • Should You have any suspicions for You or Your relatives about COVID-19 or find out symptoms, such as increased temperature, coughing, difficult breathing, pains in the throat, fatigue, muscle aches, please immediately notify the reception on the telephone extension 9. In no case, You should leave the room. In case of any confirmed guest with COVID-19, the instructions by the Ministry of Healthcare shall followed, namely: the guest shall be isolated in room specially designated for that purpose. After that the treatment shall be taken over by the medical authorities in accordance with his condition. 


The hotel shall not be placed in quarantine and shall continue to function, complying with all recommendations of the healthcare authorities. 


Please, follow our instructions of conduct in the hotel in the conditions of COVID-19! 

Your safety is Your own responsibility! 


Stay healthy and enjoy Your holiday! 


The Management of Villa List Hotel